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Call for Papers
Choreographic Practices

Deadline: If you would like to be considered for the
autumn/winter 2013 issue then the deadline for submissions is 31st May 2013,
although we do accept submissions at any time.

Aims and Scope

Choreographic Practices provides a space for disseminating choreographic practices,
critical inquiry and debate. Serving the needs of students, teachers, academics
and practitioners in dance (and the related fields of theatre, live art,
video/media, and performance), the journal operates from the principle that
dance embodies ideas and can be productively enlivened when considered as a
mode of critical and creative discourse. Placing an emphasis on processes and
practices over products, this journal seeks to engender dynamic relationships
between theory and practice, choreographer and scholar, such that these
distinctions may be shifted and traversed.

are invited that articulate and explore choreographic practices from a diverse
range of perspectives. We are especially interested in receiving
critical/creative practice-led research that is interdisciplinary and
experimental in nature.

Choreographic Practices incorporates critical essays, creative documentation, blogs
in print, visual essays, dialogues, interviews and debate. We encourage
submissions in both conventional and alternative modes of writing, including
performative and visual essays.

Submission: Articles should be submitted via the 'submit to this
journal' button on the Journal homepage (,id=170/).

Length: Up to approx. 6,000 words (or equivalent in other formats)
Format: Word file 
File labeling: Clearly named your
file with the title of your submission

information: Include e-mail, postal address and appropriate telephone
As an international peer-reviewed journal, all research articles
published in the journal undergo rigorous peer-review, based on initial editor
screening and anonymous refereeing by at least two referees. All reviewers are
internationally recognized and leaders in their fields.

Style guide: See Intellect Publishers Style guide for full presentation

Images: Choreographic
Practices will be able
to carry photographic images. If you have access to high quality images
appropriate for your article then it would be very helpful if you could send
two or three such images in a separate file but with your article. Images
should be sent as JPeg or tiff files at 300 DPI. If you are able to send us
images please ensure that each contains relevant information including date,
title and name of photographer and that the file name is clear. NB. You are
responsible for obtaining all appropriate permissions.

Writing style: We encourage a diverse range of writing styles and layouts
in line with the form, purpose and content of each submission. You might also
consider our readership of dance artists, scholars, students, teachers,
academics and practitioners in dance and related fields when writing.
It will also be assumed that the author has obtained all necessary permissions to
include in the paper items such as quotations, musical examples, images,
tables, etc.

Submission of an article to the journal will be taken to imply that it presents original, unpublished work not under consideration for publication elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article have been given to the publishers.

Editors’ contact

DrVida L Midgelow, University of Middlesex, UK:

Dr Jane M Bacon, University of Chichester, UK:

Ashleigh Griffith
PhD CandidateUniversity of Chichester
Editorial AssistantChoreographic Practices Journal

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