mardi 16 avril 2013

DEUX APPELS à CONTRIBUTIONS (articles) en anglais

The International Journal of Arts, Culture and Heritage (iJACH) 

Deadline : 15 mai 2013

Choreographic Practices

Deadline : 31 mai 
Choreographic Practices provides a space for disseminating choreographic practices, critical inquiry and debate. Serving the needs of students, teachers, academics and practitioners in dance (and the related fields of theatre, live art, video/media, and performance), the journal operates from the principle that dance embodies ideas and can be productively enlivened when considered as a mode of critical and creative discourse. Placing an emphasis on processes and practices over products, this journal seeks to engender dynamic relationships between theory and practice, choreographer and scholar, such that these distinctions may be shifted and traversed.

Contributions are invited that articulate and explore choreographic practices from a diverse range of perspectives. We are especially interested in receiving critical/creative practice-led research that is interdisciplinary and experimental in nature.

Choreographic Practices incorporates critical essays, creative documentation, blogs in print, visual essays, dialogues, interviews and debate. We encourage submissions in both conventional and alternative modes of writing, including performative and visual essays.

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