lundi 12 novembre 2012


Dear ISCH members,
Are you thinking of publishing a book? Please remember that we are eagerly awaiting your proposals for both monographs and collections of articles at your very own ISCH publication series, published with Pickering & Chatto.
Below you can find an invitation for submissions.

For the interesting publications we have in the pipeline, have a look at - emotions and statistics are already out, and books on breast cancer, crime and Fascism, and the radical sixties will follow.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Birgitta Svensson and Anu Korhonen

Studies in Cultural History
for the International Society of Cultural History
 Series editors: Anu Korhonen and Birgitta Svensson
 Published with the International Society for Cultural History,
 In research and teaching, the vitality of cultural history is 
 burgeoning, with a variety of interpretations of culture 
 cross-fertilising between disciplines - history, critical theory, 
 literature and media, anthropology and ethnology, and many more.
 This series focuses on the study of conceptual, affective and 
 imaginative worlds of the past, and sees culture as encompassing both 
 textual production and social practice. It seeks to highlight 
 historical and cultural processes of meaning-making and explore the 
 ways in which people of the past made sense of their world.
 We welcome contributions that are theoretically informed, conceptually 
 lucid and empirically grounded, relating to the cultural history of 
 any time period or geographical area. We appreciate rethinking of 
 cultural and historical concepts, methods, and theories, and encourage 
 innovative writing and ?experimental? history.
 Submissions are invited from established scholars, as well as less 
 experienced practitioners, working in the field of ?cultural history? 
 in its most inclusive sense. Works accepted into the series will be 
 scholarly monographs and collections of articles (80?100,000 words) of 
 high quality and originality.
 Proposals should be sent (in hard copy and by electronic attachment) 
 to one of the series editors:
 * proposals for edited collections, Prof. Birgitta Svensson, Dep. of 
 European Ethnology, Nordiska museet, Box 27820, SE - 115 93 Stockholm, 
 Sweden ( )
 * proposals for monographs, Dr. Anu Korhonen, Department of World 
 Cultures, PO Box 59, 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland 
 ( ).
 The editors will require a detailed proposal of at least 8-10 pages 
 (including chapter outlines), along with the text of a sample chapter 
 (for proposal guidelines, see ) 
It is envisaged that contracts will be offered to the most promising authors on this basis.

 The series will have a wide appeal to scholars working in Cultural 
 History, whatever their disciplinary background. While the volumes 
 will be scholarly works of primary research, they should be accessible 
 to able undergraduates as well as postgraduate researchers and 
 Editorial board
 Assoc. Prof. Chris Dixon is Coordinator of the University of 
 Queensland's Cultural History Project. His principal research 
 interests are in American cultural history.
 Dr. Anu Korhonen is lecturer in European Cultural Studies at the 
 Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki. Her research 
 interests focus on cultural and gender history of early modern Britain.
 Prof. Birgitta Svensson is professor of European Ethnology at 
 Stockholm University and Nordiska museet (Swedish Cultural History 
 museum). Her research focus on marginalization processes, urban 
 studies and heritage.

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