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Censorship, Yesterday and Today

History of Censorship in the world, from the XVIIIth to the XXIst Centuries
International Symposium of Paris, (February 6-8, 2014)
Organized by : Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po / Centre d’histoire sociale de Paris 1 / Institut français de presse Paris 2 / Centre d’études sur les médias, les technologies et l’internationalisation de Paris 8 / Centre d’histoire culturelle des sociétés contemporaines Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines / INA.
Call for papers
The Conference shall encompass the variety of meanings and realities covered by the word « Censorship » in modern and contemporary History, even if we don’t aim for exhaustivity.
All the fields and cultural expressions may be considered : literature, cinema, press and media, theater, art, etc. (what is censored ?) ; all grounds for censorship and ways of justification : political, economic, religious, moral, aesthetic censorship (why are they censored?) ; all kinds of practices, structures and techniques : actors and authorities, systems
and procedures, in other words the concrete functioning of censorship (who censors and how ?). We would like to tackle the classical control of expression carried out prior to any dissemination in a preventive regime as well as other and more insidious forms of control of free expression. Finally, the Program Committee intends that effects of and attitudes towards censorship be within the scope of the Conference : negotiation, bypassing, dissidence, resistance, self-censorship… as well as those subjected to more or less passive censorship, as much from the point of view of production as of mediation and reception.
The Conference shall be international by its topics as well as by its participants. Proposals on non-French topics will be highly appreciated, especially censorship under colonial regimes and in cultural areas such as the Arab world, Africa and Asia. All the countries may be considered, all kinds of political regimes. Nevertheless, we will give priority to transversal and comparative approaches (cultural area, cross-thematic analysis, transnational circulation).
Along the same lines, proposals which cover a wide range of aspects or a long period of time are welcome.
A registration fee will be charged but the organization will cover meals and accomodation expenses.
Submission due January 15, 2013. Please send your proposal to :
Laurent Martin
Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po, 56 rue Jacob, 75006 Paris (France)
Dr. phil. Rainer Brömer 

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