vendredi 15 mars 2013

SEMINAIRES : Centre for Cognition, Kinesthetics and Performance

 Centre for Cognition, Kinesthetics and Performance

Dates : 15, 20 et 27  mars 2013, 17h-18h30
Lieu : Canterbury campus, Jarman studio 2  (RU)

Programme : 

Friday March 15th, Jarman Studio 2, 5 till 6.30

Jo Machon: The (Syn)aesthetics of Lundahl & Seitl’s Rotating in a Room of Moving Images

Wednesday March 20th, 5-7, Jarman 6, 5 till 6.30

Virginia Pitts (Department of Film, Kent School of Arts) and Soo Hee Lee (Kent Business School)
Kinesthetics and Collective Creativity
Virginia Pitts: ‘Writing From the Body: Kinesthetics and Entrainment in Collaborative Screenplay Development’

Wednesday March 27th, 4Bridging Art & Science: little pictures and bigger ones, 4.14 (University of Kent, Canterbury Campus SW101)
Philip Barnard
Scientific Advisor, Wayne McGregor Random Dance and
Visiting Scientist, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit.

Joint Session between Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems ( and the Centre for Cognition and Kinesthetics and Performance (

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