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Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Study language: German and English
Beginning: Winterterm 2011/ 12 (3rd October 2011)*
Application deadline: January 15th 2011
Admission Exams: April 4th to 10th, 2011 in Berlin

*subject to approval by the responsible senate administration

The Bachelor of Arts Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography programme offers a practice-oriented education over a period of six semesters.

The course offers students the opportunity to educate and prepare themselves for an artistic and creative activity in the field of contemporary dance and choreography. The programme is realized in close interaction with practitioners from Berlin’s artistic context, and in cooperation with the HZT’s MA programmes (MA Solo/Dance/Authorship and MA Choreography) and international guest teachers.

The curriculum’s core is a structure made up of intensive block seminars taught by local and international artists and theoreticians and is continually accompanied by members of the HZT staff.
A strong focus of the course is placed onto the students’ own artistic undertaking in student project work. The course calls for students to work independently on artistic and theoretical projects, and to take on responsibility for project work in groups.

The degree programme’s objective is to educate artists who can articulate and realize their own ideas and notion of dance as an art form and to thereby provoke new impulses in this fascinating and constantly changing artistic environment.

• Modes of Dance and Training
• Movement-Analysis and Theories of the Body
• Other Art-Disciplines / Art-Theory
• Documentation / Communication
• Choreography / Composition
• Project Work

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Contact: Prof. Nik Haffner

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