mardi 14 avril 2009


The Journal “Music and Dance”

The journal Music and Dance seeks to provide a forum for the sustained investigation of fundamental relationships between music and dance.

We invite submissions in the form of papers of original scholarship concerning contemporary and historical practice in the collaborative process, new media and technology, and composition and performance. We welcome a broad range of discipline-
based perspectives including, but not limited to, music history, dance history, criticism, aesthetics, choreomusicology, ethnomusicology, dance ethnography, performance studies and life sciences.

The journal will also present articles of interest to musicians in the field of dance, including point-of-view articles, articles on the craft of creating music for dance, historical reprints, and letters to the editor.

The journal was created in 1991 by the International Guild of Musicians in Dance as a publishing vehicle for its members. Nine editions have been published. In 2007 it was renamed Music and Dance, realizing a need for a comprehensive journal broadly focused on the relationship of music and dance and open to scholarship and commentary from a wide range of related fields. The journal is peer-reviewed and has a rotating editorial board.

The current editor is William Moulton, Associate Arts Professor, New York University
Submission deadline, July 1, 2009
The Journal will be published in the fall of 2009
Please send submissions and inquiries to

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