jeudi 13 décembre 2012


Gabriele Brandstetter, Gabriele Klein (eds.)
Dance [and] Theory

November 2012, 324 S., kart., 34,80 €
ISBN 978-3-8376-2151-8
Reihe TanzScripte
Inhaltsverzeichnis, Leseprobe:
Both the identity of dance and that of theory are at risk as soon as the two intertwine. This anthology collects observations by choreographers and scholars, dancers, dramaturges and dance theorists in an effort to trace the multiple ways in which dance and theory correlate and redefine each other: What is the nature of their relationship? How can we outline a theory of dance from our particular historical perspective which will cover dance both as a practice and as an academic concept?
The contributions examine which concepts, interdependencies and discontinuities of dance and theory are relevant today and promise to engage us in the future. They address crucial topics of the current debate in dance and performance studies such as artistic research, aesthetics, politics, visuality, archives, and the »next generation«.

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