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Baroque Ballet Intensive (July 8-18, 2010)
Historical Dance Program (July 10-18, 2010)

Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut
This Year’s Theme: “France: Source of European Music”

Dance Faculty: Dorothy Olsson, Director; Kaspar D. Mainz; Peggy Murray, Dance assistant

Dance is an integral part of the Amherst Early Music Festival (a two-week early music festival with a vast array of musical offerings; see For the 2010 workshop, classes will be offered in Baroque Dance, Baroque Dance Notation, Renaissance Dance, and Music of Charpentier and Lully. Participants are also entitled to attend many other events (including English country dancing, concert and lectures) in the evenings that are part of the Amherst Early Music Festival.

Baroque Ballet Intensive is a concentrated immersion into theatrical dance from the eighteenth-century, to expand the dancer’s knowledge of the origins of classical ballet. Classes will culminate in rehearsals for, and a performance (July 16) of Charpentier's "Les Arts Florissants" (fully staged, with costumes and accompaniment of live music). This program is for dancers age 18 and older. A video audition is required; the deadline is May 28, 2010.

Classes for the Historical Dance Program will focus on dance materials from France; there will be a special performance on July 14 of French Baroque dance entitled "Divertissements" (with accompaniment of live music). A limited number of spaces in the fully staged production of Charpentier's "Les Arts Florissants" will be filled by audition. All levels of dancers are welcome.

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