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APPLICATION FOR 2012 I Master of Arts (MA) Choreography

Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Length:Two years (full-time)
Study Language: Mostly German, English in part
Next start: Winter semester 2012/13 (October 2012)
Application deadline: December 1st, 2011 - January 15th, 2012 (postmark)
Admission exams: April 30th – May 3rd, 2012

The Master Programme Choreography has an artistic/practical orientation. Its specific approach lies in the expansion of body knowledge in order to develop movement research from precisely this knowledge, and to assist in developing choreographic productions with methods of composition. Modes of reflective body practice are transferred into dramaturgical-compositional tools and are examined in individual artistic research processes.

The MA degree programme places students in a position to create and present choreographic productions in the field of contemporary dance that hold their own in this context. This includes that students can critically reflect their own practice, develop their own artistic position and communicate their aesthetic approach.
The study course is structered in two phases. The first two semesters are class-intensive, group work oriented and demand constant presence on site. They lay the foundation for the second year of study, in which students work more individually and are supervised accordingly. The developement of own individual artistic projects takes about half of the study course scale (Moduls 6 and 7) the other half is dedicated to classes of the modules 1 - 5.


1. Body and Movement Research
2. Strategies and Models of Artistic Cooperation
3. Composition Practice
4. Contextualizing Choreographic Practice
5. Prerequisites for Production
6. Choreographic Projects
7. Master Project

Prerequisites for Admission:
a) BA or equivalent degree from a university, technical college or art school in Germany or abroad; or the prouve of acquired competences and abilities in the frame of a professional education equivalent to a University degree.
b) special choreographic talent and a profound dance ability;
c) first own choreographic works
d) good German proficiency.

Information for application and application form:

Internetsite of the HZT Berlin:

Contact: Prof. Ingo Reulecke

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