lundi 25 avril 2011


Message de F.A. Cramer

Dear all,

This mail follows my previous appeal from about two weeks ago.
The echo it has caused in the international dance community has really impressed me and was very touching indeed. It is thanks to your help -- and also thanks to a national campaign led by colleagues of mine -- that first results can be observed.

According to not yet confirmed information, the responsible authorities have stopped the hasty handover and transfer of all collections to the University's admiministrative archive -- works were to start sometime in May and have now been postponed. It does seem even that the solution has been outruled altogether and that the dance collection will not become part of the University archive.

Also, rumours go that a summit is planned bringing together the Federal Minister of Cultural Affairs and the Saxonian Minister of Science and the Arts, so that they might figure out a solution. As nothing of this is as yet secured, letters of support and other measures to show the interntational dimension of this affair are still welcome.

To those among you who have already written a letter or otherwise supported the cause, I extend my deep gratitude.

I will keep you informed about the further outcomes.

Yours faithfully,


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