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The Lilian Karina Foundation announce a grant which aims at developing research on dance history. A special focus is put on how the art of dance was influenced by the political landslide of the 20th century - from the Russian revolution, further to Nazism and the influence of Indian, Asian, African and Afro American dance styles on
European dance. In an appendix to her will, Lilian Karina formulated the
purpose and regulations of the foundation.

The amount of the grant is 70.000 SEK [approx. 7.000 Euro or 10.000 USD by November 1st 2009].

The application Shall arrive at the address of the Foundation at the latest on May 1st 2011 and shall include
a) The applicant's name, date of birth, nationality, address (including e-mail)
b) Curriculum vitae with special attention to the applicant's research merits
c) Description of research (maximum 3 pages)
d) budget
The application can be submitted in Swedish, English, German or French.
E-mail application is not accepted. Decision The Foundation is headed by a
board, which also makes the decision. The decision is final.

Official presentation of scholarship
The scholarship is presented to the awardee at a special arrangement in
Stockholm, on the birthday of the donor, November 17th 2011.

Lilian Karina
Lilian Karina (1907-2007) was born in Russia, and pursued a career as a
dancer in Europe between the two world wars. She came to Sweden in the
1940s, where she established her well-known ballet school and also wrote
ballet critique in the daily press. She collaborated in the establishing the
higher education for dance, Koreografiska Institutet (now Danshögskolan) and
for many years she was one of its Senior Teachers. She wrote several books
and devoted her later years to dance research. One of her books has
attracted international attention -Tanz unterm Hakenkreutz (1996), written
in collaboration with the dance researcher Marion Kant, born in Germany. The
book was later translated into English, Hitler's Dancers (2003). This
research is an example of her private and professional strong engagement in
the relation of dance to politics and society, and therefore it has also
affected the aim of the foundation. The autobiography Mitt liv i rörelse
(2006), (My life in movement), became her last work.

Address: Stiftelsen Lilian Karina
c/o Dans- och Cirkushögskolan
Box 27043
SE 102 51 Stockholm

For more information contact the Chair of the Board, senior lecturer Gun
Román - In English - The Lilian Karina Foundation

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