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Postgraduates at the Film, Theatre & Television Department of The University of Reading welcome you to their eighth annual conference : JAM 2010

THE AUDIENCE SPECTACULAR: Who's watching and how? Ideas of audience in screen media and performance

JAM 2010 April 16th, University of Reading

CALL FOR PAPERS : Rapidly emerging technologies and the effects of globalization continue to shape the work of those practitioners concerned with re-positioning the viewer, and impact strongly on developing discourses within the fields of audience theory and spectatorship. Our dynamic role as audience members and groups, responding to a wide variety of forms, is fore-grounded with increasing urgency across media, prompting a dismantling of traditional models of engagement and re-energised theorization. JAM 2010 will aim to investigate audience identities across a range of media, practices, and critical discourses. We want to address the spectating, experiencing and participating audience member as well as thinking about the role of audience member as something we perform, consciously or otherwise. Journeys Across Media 2010 is the 8th annual conference for postgraduates, run by postgraduates working in the Department of Film, Theatre & Television, University of Reading. We welcome proposals that address what it means to be an audience member today, framed by some of the following concerns :
> Aesthetics
> Genre
> Narrative
> Representation
> Interaction
> New technologies
> Community
> Medium specificity
> Practice as research
> Liveness
> Activism
> Relational space
> Documentary

Proposals for practice as research presentations outside the twenty minute format will be considered.

CALL FOR PAPERS deadline: Friday 30th January 2010. Please send a 250 word proposal and a 100 word biographical note to Becki Hillman, Amanda Beauchamp and Feras Bait-Almal at

Journeys Across Media (JAM) is an annual one day interdisciplinary conference organised by and for postgraduate students. It provides a discussion forum for current and developing research in film, theatre, television and new media. Previous delegates have welcomed the opportunity to gain experience of presenting their work at different stages of development in the active, friendly and supportive research environment of Film, Theatre & Television at the University of Reading. Non-presenting delegates are also very welcome. Journeys Across Media is supported by the Standing Committee of University Drama Departments (SCUDD) and the Graduate School in Arts and Humanities, University of Reading.
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