dimanche 30 août 2009


Autumn/Winter 2009 issue – Extended deadline for contributions 31st July 2009

Dancing Economies

As world economies flounder and we enter into a dramatic financial downturn it seems apt that we should reflect upon the relationships between dance and the economy. In locating the economic (as well as social and cultural) dimensions of dance as part of the creative economy what issues arise? How does this current climate affect your work?

Areas you might consider include:
- How do you sustain your practice, company, scholarship?
- What are the effects of the current economic climate on dance? On dance programmes? On universities and other institutions?
- In what ways does dance contribute to the economy?
- What are the intersections between dance and finance?
- What is the marketability of dance?
- What are the wider ‘economies’ of dance? What ‘economies’ does dance create or exist within?

Submissions may be up to 3000 words and can be in many formats- from images to performative musings, discoursive commentaries to dialogues.
We also welcome Photographic Images to grace our pages.

Please send all contributions to the editor:
Dr. Vida Midgelow
Reader, Dance and Performance Studies
School of the Arts, University of Northampton, Avenue Campus, Northampton, United Kingdom, NN2 6JD

Email: vida.midgelow@northampton.ac.uk

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